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Bobby Dall

Real Name: Robert Harry Kuykendall
Born: November 2, 1963 in Miami Florida
First concert:Florida World Music Festival, in Orlando, Florida, Featuring: Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, Cheap Trick, Frank Mirano and Mahogany Rush
Poison instrument: Bass guitar

Bobby Quote:
"Music is an emotion, you know? I believe that musicians are meant to be talented, to be good on their instruments. But, I do not believe that music is a game of notes. It's not the notes per second that a person can play, it's the emotion that you can bring out in a person - when you can relate to someone, when you can touch someone. You know, when you have three and a half minutes to tell a story and you tell it and someone understands it. You can make someone cry, make someone happy, make someone dance. That's really our goal when we write. First of all, make ourselves happy, and second be related to it, be understood."
--Bobby Dall

** Bobby is the only original member to not join Bret onstage at the Roxy. (The two stand-ins (CC substitutes) weren't there, either, but this is about Bobby.)
** Bobby has two kids, and is married.

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