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Bret Michaels

Real Mame: Bret Michael Sychalk

Poison Instrument: Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica

Main job (from cover for LWTCDI): vocalizin' and socializin'

Bret's got a new movie out that just plain kicks have to watch it. Rent it, buy it, look in someone's window while they're watching it I don't care, (well, don't do the last one, unless you want to find yourself in Bret's shoes in the movie: in jail), but watch it. I'm still confused as to the full plot of the movie...the last scene is so cool, so mind-boggling, so amazing, that I'm still not quite sure who did it. All I know is that, as Michael Raine (Bret Micheals) said, "A good writer can make the mind imagine. A great writer can make the mind believe."

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