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Crack A Smile!

This is a section of my page devoted to the album that not all of us have. You know the one. It's the one we all want, but we have to go to the ends of the Earth to get. That's right. Crack A Smile. I've seen people asking for $50 (the greedy ones disobeying the copyright laws by making a large profit) and others asking a mere $5 (the ones obeying the laws by asking enough to cover costs.) I ordered my copy from a very nice guy who had it to my house in about a week, and he only charged me $5. $4 to ship it via Uncle Sam, and $1 to cover the cost of the tape. It came back with very good quality to the sound (great for an audio tape) and in it's own case, complete with the above pic, and a list of songs, plus two bonus tracks: I Want More , and Mind Tripper. This album's great, and if you're fortunate enough to find a copy, buy one and give it a listen. You won't be disappointed. I've heard several people say that Blues sounds like CC on guitar. I can't ear isn't that musically tuned. Anyway, following is a list of tracks, if you click on the title, you'll be magically whisked away to a page where you can view the lyrics for the song. Enjoy!

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Best Thing You Ever Had
trying to persuade a girl to be with him
Shut Up, Make Love
trying to get a girl to make love
Baby Gets Around a Bit
His girlfriend's a prostitute, and he didn't know...
Cover Of The Rolling Stone
Wanna be on the Cover of the Rolling Stone magazine
Be The One
love song about how he'll protect her
Mr. Smiley
Not quite sure what's going on, he's too high
Sexual Thing
He wants it.
Lay Your Body Down
Love song about how to fix relationship problems
No Ring, No Gets
He wants some, but his significant other's too worried about disease to give some
Tragically Unhip
He's fallen out of touch with the times
That's the Way I Like It
not quite sure...
Doin As I Seen On My TV
The world's gone to pot, and it's TV's fault
I Want More
There's just something about a person that's 7 feet wide that turns him on in this song....
Mind Tripper
Not quite sure on this one either.

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