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A    little    dose    of    audio    Poison!

I'm periodically adding music that can be downloaded here... All of it will be in .mp3 format, all of it will no longer be available once I take it off this page. .mp3 files are huge, and I'd rather devote my site space to writing about Poison than having 3 audio files. If you need an .mp3 player, look to the links at the bottom. Right now, you can download the song Look What the Cat Dragged In. I don't know what song will be next, nor do I know exactly when I'll update songs. Most likely, once a month or so. But, until you see a new song, have a great time listening to the one I've got here. :)

The song of the month, and .mp3 player sites

Look what the Cat Dragged In: Click here to download the song
Winamp: This should play .mp3 files
Sonique: This plays .mp3 files, and it's cooler looking than winamp

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