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Come on in and Crack A Smile!

(psst: note: if you're getting a download notice for something called a comet cursor, go for it. It's about 30kb, and it'll take about a minute to download and setup. it'll enable you to see the really cool rose cursor I have set up on my page. the cursor only works in your browser window, so it doesn't screw up anything on your computer. The file's a plug-in for your browser.)

NEW NEWS: please go to my page on CC to see the latest news on the band. It's lots much better. Truce! CC's back! (again!)

This is a picture of me with my Dad's old (bought in 1972 or 1973) acoustic Kay guitar. (Upon purchase, this thing cost him $30). If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can see the guitar in more detail. My Dad gave it to me, so I did the thing I felt most natural, I painted the background black and painted those beautiful roses on the front.
Unfortunately, the guitar is now only for show. There's a problem with it...the neck is warped, so it doesn't matter how much you tune it, it never plays right. Since it's worthless when it comes to playing, but it's a beautiful piece of art, I'm considering giving it to Bret Michaels. What do y'all think? Should I keep this guitar, which has absolutely no value to me except for the fact that I spent a week painting it, or should I give it to Bret, to show my appreciation for such a beautiful song and how Poison's been my favorite band for the last 12 years?

Welcome to a page that's in the making...A fan page for one of the best Rock and Roll bands, and THE GREATEST Rock and Roll band of the 80's and early 90's. What band deserves and holds such a high honor, you ask? Why, my dear web surfer, only the glam slam, kings of noise, Poison!

I'm adding music to this page, in .mp3 format. Click here for the latest song. Right now it's Look What the Cat Dragged In from their earlier days. Happy listening!

Alright, now that you're here, I might as well tell those of you who don't know these #1 bad boys as well as Poison's ever-supporting fans, who these Gods of Rock are.

These #1 Bad Boys are known best by their stage names, Bret Michaels, vocal god, guitar and harmonica player, CC Deville, guitar god, and original guitarist for Poison, Bobby Dall, bass god, and incidentally, the only brunette of the group, and Rikki Rockett, Drummer god and webmaster for the Poison webpage. Really a great guy. Heck, for that matter, thay're all great guys.

Yes, I know that CC was not the first guitarist to play with Bobby, Rikki, and Bret in a band. When those three first got together, they had Matt Smith on guitar. They went by the name Paris. As far as I know, CC is the first guitarist to play with Bobby Bret and Rikki under the name Poison. Thanks to the people who asked me to clear that up.

There have been problems here and there over the years with C.C. and the two things that cause the most problems with musicians, drugs and alcohol. At one point, he even quit the band. CC is back in the band now, and even joined Bret for his show at the Roxy, and played lead guitar on track 1 of ALFDR. He was replaced, however, first by Richie Kotzen on Native Tongue, and then Richie was replaced by Blues Saraceno on Crack a Smile. Never heard of Crack a Smile? I can guarantee you'll be cracking a huge ear-to-ear smile when Capitol finally releases in February of 2000! sorry, i know this is out of date. I'll fix in in a little while, but right now, i'm late for work.

Quick note to those people who want to tell me to "Live in the Now!" and that Rock is dead: Rock is NOT dead. Despite what Marilyn Moron, er Manson says in his song, it's far from Dead. In fact, if you listen to that song, there's samples of several 70's glam rock songs in it. I can't remeber exactly which ones.. but "Jean Genie" by David Bowie comes to mind... Rock Can't be dead if he's using it to make a song.
To further prove my point:
If Poison can sell 10,000 pavillion tickets to Pine Knob in under one hour, and finish off the last 10,000 lawn seats soon after, then Rock ain't dead! If there's anyone who can bring it back into full swing, It's Poison. It's time to party like it's 1989! (i think that's the right year..) Let's Help rock in the new year and blast those albums at 11 when the calendar turns to 2000!

I have an important crusade to get everyone in on. MTV. It sucks. I bet you all agree with me, right? Well, when Poison makes it's comeback, they might have a tough time elbowing out the one hit wonders that plague the music industry nowadays. We need to make sure they have a safe place to come back to, where good music is best appreciated. What exactly am I thinking? Two words: Headbanger's ball. Right? Y'all remember when grunge came in the place where Poison thrived was Headbanger's ball until some idiot canceled it, despite the fact that it was the most popular thing there. Let's fight to bring it back! Email MTV to talk them into getting ratings again! :)

I found this on MTV's it a subliminal message of theirs to tell us that they're slowly turning the world into mindless zombies? :)

I'm trying a new thing. Click here , and answer the question of the moment, "What is your Poison fantasy?" Now, when I say fantasy, I don't mean a sexual fantasy, I mean something like meeting them and getting your photo taken with them. Have a great time!

Bret: Just have to say, GREAT ALBUM!! If you haven't yet bought A Letter From Death Row: The Album, BUY IT It kicks bootie! It's a great album, and it's just great to see Poison (75% of it, at least, with Rikki and CC guest-spotting on the album) up and about and still bring out a great sound that can still leave a boot-print on the ass of the music industry. :)

Rikki, Bret, Bobby, CC, (that was in no way supposed to show order of importance) I just want to say thanks for coming back out on tour! I went to the show at Pine Knob in Michigan, and let me say, it was the greatest show, by far, that I have ever been to. THE Best band of all time in concert...WOW! They were incredible. I've never seen Poison in concert before because I was too young, but this show made up for it all. The concert I waited 12 years to see. Actually, that'd be 13 now, wouldn't it? But, as I said, the concert was great. In between songs, CC got up to a microphone and yelled, "I'm back!!!! Did ya miss me?!?" and at the pause part in Something to Believe In, just before Bret sings, "I drive by the homeless sleeping on a cold, dark street...." the sound for the keyboard cut out, and Bret stopped the song and yelled at the sound guys to fix it, that he didn't want to disappoint the audience, and then he apologized to the audience for "having to deal with this bullsh*t." Any other performer would have let the song sound crappy, but Bret wanted the best for us. At the end, Bret confessed, "I thought I'd tire you guys out, but here I can't even catch my breath, you guys are kicking my ass!" It was great to see them live for the first time!

Rikki, Bret, Bobby, CC, I just want y'all to know, your fans never stopped believing in you all, and we all love you. Your music cheers us up when we're blue, and helps us learn to be ourselves. We'd all like to say a big thank you for lifting our hearts up when we were down. We all love to see you doing what you all do best, rocking hard and giving 110% of yourself in a concert again, and tossing out album after album of the best music, but the one thing we want above all that is to see you guys doing what you want and being happy. Thanks guys!

My site has won the Totally awesome site of the day award! Isn't that just great? :) (well, I'm happy about it!)

A very special thanks to Ayesha and her website POISON: DALL.NET; The Bobby Dall Tribute Page for letting me use some of the graphics from her site. Go check it out! It's a really great site devoted to the quietest member of Poison, the Bassist, Bobby Dall.

NOTE: This form sends your message to my email box. It is not a guestbook, (that link is further down the page) and I am not Bret, Rikki, Bobby or CC. Nor am I someone who works for them who can get your message to them. I am just a fan with a semi-decent site, asking your opinion. That's what the form is for: to talk to me, little old Aisling13/PoisongirlFan. If you would like to email Bret, go to his homepage, at And if you would like to email Rikki, check out his page at That's how to get ahold of Bret and Rikki, I do not know how to get ahold of CC or Bobby, I'm sorry. But feel free to send me a message using the form below, or sign my guestbook, following the link further down.

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