Age: 17 -- born in 1981. That would make me a freak, right? :) Sex: yes, please...oh wait, female. :) Kidding! Location: Michigan. I live near Midland, home to America's #1 cancer causing company, Dow Chemical. :) First heard Poison at age: 5. Look What the Cat Dragged In and Talk Dirty to me, I think, were the songs that got me started. (trying to remember back that far isn't easy!) What Poison Means to me: Well, it might be a little hard to imagine that 4 guys who I've never met could have any impact on the life and heart of a young girl, but these guys are like, my best friends, in a way. They've been with me through godd and bad times, through all the tough stuff adolescence and puberty and life put you through. Whenever I've had a problem, they were as close as my nearest CD or tape player, and back in the days when MTV played music, they were on my radio too. Growing up i didn't have MTV, but i caught a few glimpses of them on my babysitter's TV, and i was instantly spellbound. I knew there was more to these guys than just good voices. I really should buy their videos if i can find them, i've looked around here lately, but nobody seems to carry them... Poison's music has been there for me through the years like good advice from a friend. At first, i didn't understand the lyrics for some of the songs (at age 5, Talk Dirty to me just doesn't have the same edge...) but i knew these guys were great at writing songs and great at touching you on an emotional and spiritual level at the same time. When they tour, I am really hoping that i can get backstage passes, because I want to give these guys my senior picture in person. Why not? They've been my closest friend for the longest time. Seen in Concert: blast it, no... but I'm going to see them at Pine knob may 30th, come hell or high water! I am not missing this concert for anything! Sometimes i sit around when i'm listening to the CD and imagine in my mind what it would be like to be at those concerts. Seen videos: um, parts of them! i can only remeber little bits of some of the videos...the explosion in So Tell Me Why, Bret getting up wearing Yellow underwear (not a bad sight) in Every Rose, the piano at the beginning of Something to believe in, and there's a few others...i just don't want to bore y'all with my trip down memory lane. Fav. Album: hmm.... lesse.... 1-Flesh and Blood 2-Open Up and Say...Aaah! 3-TIE-Swallow this live!and Look What The Cat Dragged In 4-Crack A Smile 5-Native Tongue (not that bad, but it needs CC...) Letter from Death Row: Seen the movie...awesome plot! Bret could use a little brushing up on the acting talents, but i was to engrossed in the plot to notice the first 5 times through. I love the album. Could be the voice, could be the music, could be the lyrics, could be the fact that i'm hearing something from the lead singer of my favorite band..actually, it's all of the above. :) Fav songs: (in no particular order) Every Rose Has It's Thorn, Something To believe in (this helped me through my friend's death at age 17..he had drowned) um, Nothin But a good Time (this one taught me how to party...always a good thing! :), Only Time Will Tell, and Look What the Cat Dragged In. Favorite type of music: rock, hard rock, heavy metal, some alternative. Fav. bands other than Poison: Aerosmith, Warrant, Motley Crue, Godsmack (hello Wicc! :) Tori Amos, Stevie Nicks, and others.

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